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We are Leaders in Our Field

​For more than a decade, Lazcano Sámano has been positioned in Mexico, Latin America and worldwide, as one of the most experienced and reputable law firms in the Gaming Industry and other cutting-edge technology sectors.

Gaming, Fintech and Media Industries are highly specialized fields; thus, our legal practice requires a multidisciplinary approach and a wide range of professional skills.

Our Legal and Regulatory Practices

We Serve the
Top Companies in the World

Lazcano Sámano counsels and represents several leading technology companies of the Gaming, Fintech and Media Industries.

Most of our Clients are public companies and hold various regulatory licenses in the strictest jurisdictions over the world.

Committed with a long-term vision and with an ethical performance, we have been proudly serving the biggest and more respected names within the global Gaming Industry and other cutting-edge technology sectors.

Get to Know Our Management Team

Alfredo Lazcano Sámano

Alfredo Lazcano


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His duties are to pursue the best professional practices; to implement an ethical business strategy; to act as facilitator between our Partners, Associates and Staff in the legal and regulatory matters; and to ensure a proper communication with our Clients.

Alfredo is a Board Director who serves our Clients as a Gaming, Sports & Entertainment Lawyer.

Andrea Avedillo

Andrea Avedillo

Head of Legal

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Her duties are to manage and execute the timely provision of legal and regulatory services in favor of our Clients, to boost and conduct our academic activity and article authoring, and to lead our way into the analysis of innovative legal issues.

Andrea is a Board Director who serves our Clients as a Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Consultant.

Fernanda Vázques

Fernanda Vázquez

Head of Administration

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Her duties are to support the achievement of the Chair’s responsibilities; to follow up on the management of all our accounts; to support the teamwork interaction between the financial, accounting and audit teams; and to guard the balance of our material resources.

Fernanda is a Board Director who serves our Clients as a Legal Assistant.

Carlos Sámano

Carlos Sámano


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His duties are to supervise all aspects of the financing, financial performance and tax compliance; to ensure the timely acomplishment of the tax periodical obligations; and to act as comptroller of the internal and external teams of administration, accounting and audit.

Carlos is an Independent Executive who serves our Clients as a Financial & General Administration Advisor.

We Have a Strong Professional Network

As a highly specialized law firm, Lazcano Sámano has worked towards the consolidation of robust professional alliances, aimed to provide our Clients with the best available legal advice.

Since 2008 we serve in numerous conferences, editorials and committees of the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL), a non-profit association comprising hundreds of members globally –including Educators, Industry Professionals and Regulators– whom are recognized as the leading gaming experts in their jurisdictions.

AGEM logo

In 2014 we were appointed as legal advisors for the Mexican Committee of the Association of Gaming Manufacturers (AGEM), an international trade association representing all kinds of goods and services suppliers of the global Gaming Industry, which work together through political action, regulatory influence, educational alliances and good corporate citizenship.

We hold a very active professional synergy, conceived 25 years ago, with one of the most prestigious law firms in Mexico, Santamarina y Steta, which bring scalability to our practice in other non-gaming legal fields that require specialized knowledge and a multidisciplinary approach.

Proven Gaming Expertise at the Highest Levels

We are honored that our firm’s Chair, Alfredo Lazcano, was appointed in 2020 by the Federal Mexican Government to assist as an Independent Gaming Expert on matters of national and international relevance.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Lazcano Sámano contributes with panelists for the main international conferences related with the Gaming, Fintech and Media Industries, as well as with articles, interviews and studies for the prime publications focused on these highly specialized fields.

Our academic work is very active and is focused on regulatory improvement, combat against illegal operations, corporate responsibility, protection of vulnerable individuals, as well as best practices and technical standards.

There is plenty of material on the Internet that reveals our prolific professional input and our positioning as domestic and international opinion leaders in our areas of expertise.

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